A local woman has just realised that Brexit was about Britain leaving the EU and had very little to do with Brynhyfryd, following a chance discussion with friends. 

Theresa Connell, 45, from Eaton Road was astonished that the referendum in 2016 had nothing to do with border controls on Llangyfelach Road.

Theresa said, “I just assumed Brexit was about Brynhyfryd because Brynhyfryd starts with ‘BR’. I never even thought of Britain. Why would I?

“I heard Wojciech from Number 32 talking about ‘them taking all our jobs’, but I assumed he was talking about the kid from Penlan who got a job in Nisa on the square.”

Despite Theresa’s easy faux pas, Brynhyfryd does have a history of being a thoroughfare between the Mynydd-Bach Ward and the City Centre. This has led some locals to liken Llangyfelach Road to ‘getting to the Port of Calais’, with Dyfatty flats being the ‘jungle’.

Theresa added: “Well to start with we’re Welsh, not British. So why wasn’t it Wexit? Actually we’re from Swansea, so it should’ve been Sexit.

“Secondly, I believe I’m the only one who voted to take back control of Llangyfelach Road, so what’s the Council going to do about it?

“We’ll have to call Brynhyfryd Car Sales Penlan Car Sales if we’re not careful.”