A Council worker can’t decide whether to take his annual sick leave entitlement over Christmas or his Birthday. 

Pete Bowen, 29, has ‘worked’ in the Housing Department in the Guildhall for six years. He’s traditionally taken his two week sick leave over Christmas, but turns 30 in next month. 

Bowen said: “I’m really torn, but I need to make a decision. It’s made quite clear on induction that if you don’t take your two weeks off sick, you lose them. 

“The whole department spent three days brainstorming what I should do, we were all pretty exhausted and stayed in the office until nearly 4pm on one day. It was nearly dark when we left!”

Pete’s predicament has drawn sympathy from everyone across the Authority, but unsurprisingly no one can make a decision on it. 

“I’m just going to have to have a word with HR I think. Surely turning 30 demands some form of fully paid sabbatical?”