A man with a beard who wears a high vis jacket has confirmed he’s just a bit of a scruff and not a hipster.

Pete Bowen, 42 from Landore has become tired of being approached by young people who constantly compliment his postmodernist style, when really he’s just nonchalant about his appearance.

“I spend my days sauntering around The Quadrant looking in shop windows and staring at people for just a bit longer than I should. But within the confounds of the law.

“Recently I’ve been approached by young people who’ve congratulated me on being so ironic. One asked me where the high vis came from, it was the bin by the old Top Banana. He was quite impressed.

Hipster Jeremy Samuel, who prides himself with have a first name as a surname, said “Pete’s wicked mate. I respect his originality and his subversive attitude to conventions. He also listened to me talking about drinking craft ales from baby beakers for half an hour the other day.”

Pete confirmed “It’s nice to be noticed, but really I just want to focus my time on telling people about how I’ve worn the same pants for a month.”