The American Manager of Swansea City has committed to spend the rest of the weekend learning how to to pronounce Barnsley, in readiness for next season. 
Bradley feels it’s the perfect response to the latest drubbing by low achieving Middlesbrough, which Bradley had been phonetically pronouncing as ‘Middles-boro’. 

Bradley said: “I think my we lost today because I pronounced the name of the team we were playing incorrectly. 

“We have to plan for the future and I look at the Championship and it worries me. There’s lots of places in there I’ve never even heard of. I mean it’s not like a team called Nottingham Forest have ever done anything in soccer, right?” 

Unlike predecessors Martinez, Rodgers and Laudrup, Bradley is resolute in his strategy to concede as many goals as possible and not shoot. 

Bradley added some key phonetics: “Is it Burnesley, Barncelery? I’m sure the Board will give this time.”