A man from Llansamlet has added a tattoo of Dylan Thomas’s face to his collection of tribal art and spurious quotes about life. 

34 year old Pete Bowen began collecting shit tattoos on a lads holiday to Malia in 2000, jumping on the bandwagon of questionable body ink that’s all too common in Swansea.

Bowen said: “I definitely think my tattoos reflect my edgy, creative personality. I’m a modern guy with a man bun and a bit of an intellectual on the quiet. I don’t like to judge people, but if you don’t have tattoos these days then you’re a twat.

“My body is inked with a cultural mix of art, from Minions to words written in Chinese, although I think one of them spells ‘bell-end’. They all really compliment my tight, garish collection of Ed Hardy tops, which are like tattoo t-shirts.”

Bowen’s friend Sam Burns added: “Pete’s the culture vulture of the group. He was the first one of the boys to wear non prescription glasses.

“We often marvel at his superior political knowledge, he says exactly what Nigel Farage says, so he knows his stuff.”

Bowen added: “I’m chuffed with it although the nose is quite big. The tattoo artist was a bit confused why I wanted “The answer is blowing in the wind” beneath it, but it’s one of Dylan’s famous lines, so why wouldn’t I?”