A Facebook group which was supposed to be fun, judges everything you do and wants to ban you from life. 

The Admins of ‘So you think you know Swansea’, also referred to as Gods, are reigning over 15,000 people like Idi Amin with a hangover, with petrified group members asking permission to write in the group and apologise when they post a picture in case it’s been posted before. 

Ex member Pete Bowen said: “I joined the group a year ago, it seemed pretty cool up until the point I posted a picture of the Mumbles Train which had already been posted once before. 

“I received a ban from the group and before I knew it, I was banned from The Quadrant, looking at pictures of Swansea pre 1970 and was told that if I ever talked about the old slip bridge, one of my kids would be sacrificed.

“I’ve had to move to Neath to get away from them, who wants to do that?”

Fan Theresa Connell said: “Its a serious business, with an abundance of strict rules. It’s not designed to be fun. If you want fun, go somewhere with amateur militant powers, like North Korea. 

“If someone posts a picture they have to write ‘This one is easy’. Then if anyone gets it wrong, we ridicule them. 

“If someone posts a picture which the group Gods don’t recognise, then usually they’ll take the picture down and ban the individual, before reposting and taking the credit. 

“Some scumbag with a missing child posted in the group once asking if we could help to find it. Rightly so, the group Gods arrogantly told her ‘not exactly Swansea history, is it?’ 

“It’s amazing how many riff-raff are out there, we want to fawn over pictures of the Kingsway Roundabout, no one gives a fuck about your kid in here, put it on a lead.”