Penlan residents have scoffed at the suggestion that mulling stuff like wine should only happen at Christmas. 

A recent survey by The Daily Swansea has found that 88% of Penlan residents spend more than 300 days of the year ‘mulling’ cannabis through bongs, buckets or any contraption that you can suck smoke through a pipe with. Tudno Place resident association spokeswoman Theresa Connell said: “Everyday is like Christmas up here. These poncey middle class types who heat up wine every December must be on drugs. 

“I’ve been mixing mulls for over 20 years now, with far better herbs than star anise and cinnamon sticks.” 

Penlan has replaced a number of celebration days to enjoy the splendour of illicit substances, notably Valium Day (Valentines Day) and Weed-nesday (every Wednesday). 

Connell added: “A good mull is for a normal Monday morning, not just Christmas.”