A group of 40-somethings have managed to complete the infamous Mumbles Mile in an hour, it has emerged. 

The friends enjoyed an annual festive pilgrimage down to Mumbles to get ‘George Best pissed’ since the mid 90s, but gave up in the early noughties to focus on birthing a load of kids. 

Group reunion instigator Pete Bowen said: “We had some great times back in the day, we’d kick off in the White (Rose) with £24 and 20 B&H with hope and optimism in our pre-parenthood minds and nail about fifteen pubs before ending up in Neptunes with a spliff. 

“When we all connected again on LinkedIn, we bandied around some culturally inspired ideas, but I really felt we should go back to our binge drinking roots and attempt ‘the Mile’ again. 

“We met at 2pm anticipating a booze filled day and night while kids were left with Grandparents or whatever twat would have them, but by 3pm we were being turned away from The Pilot because we were a group. We were only 5 white wine spritzers in.” 

Pete and his friends have since penned a curt letter of complaint to Mumbles Community Council about their disappointing experience. 

Council Member Theresa Connell said: “We think it’s great news, it’s proof our strategy to prevent anyone under the age of 60 coming into the village is working perfectly.”