A confused Swansea taxi driver has discovered a series of orange lights on each exterior corner of his taxi, which appear to be activated by some sort of lever by the steering wheel.

Pete Bowen, 48, has been driving taxis for 20 years and claims he ‘wrote the book’ on driving terribly. Bowen made the startling discovery while recklessly changing lanes on Ynysforgan roundabout.

Bowen said: “I was going about my daily business and I suddenly decided to move from the inside to the outside lane to go all the way around the roundabout, so I could take in the views towards Clydach.

“People are inexplicably rude towards taxi drivers and some old bird sounded her horn for no reason, just as I narrowly missed her car and cut her off.

“When I made a hand gesture at her and shouted a profanity, I randomly hit some lever I’d never noticed before and a green light with an arrow on it came on. I didn’t know what was going on.”

Bowen immediately took the exit, aggressively tailgating smaller cars or those being driven my people who looked smaller than him and made his way towards Asda in Morriston, parking in his usual spot, horizontally across three disabled spaces.

Bowen said: “I pulled this lever again and got out of the taxi, and there they were, these bizarre, flashing orange lights. It’s definitely the closest I’ve come to some sort of paranormal experience.

“I found that if you pulled the lever down, the flashing orange lights came on the left side of the taxi. Pull it up and it came on the right.

“I’m going to just pretend they’re not there and hope they go away. I haven’t needed to use them for a couple of decades and the last thing I need is a distraction, I have enough of those with all those people who drive in straight lines and follow the speed limit.”