There’s work to do to educate nearly a third of the city on what ‘Brexit’ actually is, a poll has revealed.

The poll, conducted by The Daily Swansea, found that when questioned “What does Brexit mean to you?” A worryingly large proportion responded with “a tasty alternative to traditional cereal, probably to have on the go.”

Chief Pole at The Daily Swansea Agnieszka Przybyszewski reported, “We only added ‘cereal bar’ as an option because it was multiple choice and we only had two options, all the other questions had three options and we’re suckers for consistency.

The Pole revealed that it was a joke addition to our poll, but it’s uncovered the reality of the sheer ambiguity surrounding the vote, with many people completely unsure about what exactly is going on and why David Davis looks so fucking smug all the time.

One of the respondents, Pete Bowen, told us “I quite like Brexit for the name of a cereal bar.

“When I hear Brexit, I think breakfast, biscuit and exit – as in, you’re in a rush and you have leave quickly, so you smash a Brexit down your neck.

“I also think tasty sultanas and closing our open fucking borders.”

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