A 48 year old woman from Swansea who thinks that ‘telling it how it is’ is an honest and wonderful achievement, is actually a really unlikeable twat.

Theresa Connell, who lives in the Marina, proudly confronts everyone she meets with her ‘no nonsense’ attitude, thinking this means people will respect her and in no way think it’s a front for her social ineptitude.

She said: “I tells it how it is mind, you know what I’m like, I’m terrible. I don’t care about what anyone thinks of me and I’ll tell people mind, I will, I’ll tell them.”

“Ask anyone, I don’t care, go on and ask them. Everyone else has the problem, not me. And I tell them, I do, I tell them straight up. I tells it how it is.”

Neighbour Pete Bowen said: “The first time I met Theresa she criticised everyone else who lives here, one by one. She told me to speak to no one because no one can be trusted, before insulting my receding hairline.

“Most of the neighbours are perfectly nice, but if you listen to Theresa they’re a collection of abhorrent bastards who have some mad conspiracy against her.

“She’ll tell you she has a strong personality and is widely respected for it, but really she’s a twat.”