A new themed Monopoly game is set to be launched, with added extras to make the game more relevant to modern Swansea. 

Game owners Hasbro have released numerous regionalised versions of the game, but are making special dispensation for the new Swansea based game, by changing the rules altogether. 

Game designer Theresa Connell said: “The new Swansea game is a first, we’ve had to change the rules altogether. 

“We took a long, hard look at the city and how its run and had to make some changes. For example, in Swansea’s version, you actually start the game bankrupt. 

“You’re forced to spend an extensive period of time working for the Local Authority before acquiring commercial property on behalf of the Council. 

“The trick is to retain as much as your budget as possible as each property you acquire will have a surprise cost attached to it, typically asbestos based surveys which have gone wrong.” 

Other features of the game include trying to obtain rent from PPI call centres who operate in your premises and creating sustainable employment opportunities for young people. 

Connell added: “We’ve also replaced the ‘Go to Jail’ option with trying to obtain affordable, quality social housing and instead of passing ‘Go’ you get enough money to go shopping somewhere where there’s a decent city centre.”