A spin off of the popular American series ‘The Real Housewives’ is rumoured to be shown on Bay TV this summer, documenting the glamorous but chaotic lives of various women across Swansea.

The show is due to be centred around the ladies’ desire to attend as many social events where Swansea Life will be taking pictures as possible, highlighting real life struggles of fake tanning, buying decent cocaine and wearing dreadful, long glittery ball gowns.

Show Producer Pete Bowen said: “Swansea is quite unique, in many ways. I attended a series of ‘big nights’ in Swansea to do some research and it was a real eye-opener.

“The events are teeming with people who are classified as ‘celebrities’, but I have no idea how they secured that status as they don’t appear to be famous for doing anything much.

“All the while, groups of men and women, who are indistinguishable from each other, sniff around these ‘celebs’ craving approval and higher social status. When I say ‘sniff’ around, I mean that literally may I add.

“The men seem to have an inside bet about who can wear the shiniest suit and sport the worse variation of a barber shop haircut. We took some pictures and they all pose with a clenched boxers fist, but they clearly don’t box.”

Casting is yet to be confirmed for the show, but has generated a lot of interest from women all over the city.

Townhill resident Theresa Connell said: “I’m Townhill Theresa, I already come with a catchy nickname and a number of stories, although I’m concerned about ‘that’ night in the Fairfield in 2009 with the West End Under 16s squad being leaked to the press.”

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