Tory ministers have hit back at criticisms over the state of the NHS, by explaining they had no idea winter would happen again this year.

With the Red Cross being drafted in to take people home from hospital to free up beds and news that people have even died on trolleys, the charity had branded the service as being in a ‘humanitarian crisis’. 

Jeremy Hunt said: “Whoopsie!”

Theresa May added: “I think what Jeremy is saying is that it’s not our fault that winter has happened again. If anyone has a magic formula to help us predict these things, please let me know. 

“We’re working incredibly hard to demoralise NHS staff by inflicting untenable cuts and dreadful working conditions, but they’re just so bloody chipper all the time with all the help they give people. 

“Implementing such savagery, plus the pressure we’re under from party donors to privatise, does slightly distract us from the fact that there may be some more ill people.” 

With 140 A&E departments having to shut their doors in December due to demand, it’s comforting to know the Government has a plan to overcome these issues moving forward. 

May added: “Yes we have a plan, do you think we’re incompetent? We have a plan, but we’re obviously not sharing it with anyone. 

“That’s not how you do things, you can’t show your hand all the time. Even if you’re dying on a hospital trolley.”