Car parts and other stuff retailer Halfords are planning to open their first Halal themed store in Swansea, it has emerged.

The Halalfords branch is set to replace the existing store on Swansea Enterprise Park, with a planned opening date of the 25th of June, which signifies the end of Ramadan.

Halfords have confirmed they are ‘excited’ about the new venture, which will make the Swansea store the only one in the country where you have to take your shoes off when you enter.

Head of Operations for the Halalfords venture Pete Bowen said: “We know that Swansea is one of the more open minded city’s in the UK, we’ve read the comments on the South Wales Evening Post site, so we’ve done our research.

“I mean, we don’t sell any food, but any leather products that we have will come from cows who’ve been slaughtered via the halal method. As opposed to the widely accepted way where they’re kept in a pen in a dark room for all of their life, starving hungry, before being shot in the head.

“There’s also a tongue in cheek reference in there, due to the ‘cut throat’ nature of selling air fresheners for cars.”

The retailer is weighing up a variety of themed products to sell in country’s first Halalfords, to pique the interest of Swansea’s vehicle accessory consumers.

Bowen added: “We’re replacing the standard car alarm with a new ‘car islam’. Motorbike helmets will be rebranded as ‘Mubarak helmets’.

“We’re confident the venture will be well received by Swansea, as well as turn us a tidy prophet.”

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