Thousands of gingers have been left feeling rather underwhelmed today, as another ‘Kiss a Ginger Day’ passes with limited success. 

Redheads around the world woke up this morning with an unusually positive outlook, as today is the day where people with normal hair are encouraged to kiss their ginger subordinates and do so without wincing.

Ginger Pete Bowen, 36 and from Swansea said: “Normally I wake up feeling very down in the dumps, but I had a real air of optimism about me today.

“The weather was perfect ginger weather, very grey and absolutely no sun. People even acknowledged me on my walk to work like I was one of them as I demolished my usual Milky Bar breakfast.

“I arrived early at the office, thinking I’d score a few pecks from people as they arrived, but absolutely nothing. In fact, no one made any eye contact with me all day, although there were an unusual amount of meetings away from the office, so I’m guessing everyone was busy.”

As the day dwindled, Pete resorted to sending his colleagues a gentle email reminder.

Colleague Theresa Connell said: “Oh yeah, it was Pete’s special day today.

“He reminded us all on email, I briefly thought about kissing him, but just spent the rest of the afternoon hiding in the photocopying room instead before slipping out through the fire exit.”