Donald Trump has waded into the findings of a review which backs the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon, advising Swansea to follow his lead and build a wall on the Neath Port Talbot border instead.

The President-elect has been busy interfering with a range of topics as he tries to overcome recent negative press, so is attempting to meddle elsewhere in the world to deflect attention from his car crash venture into politics.

Trump is a long-time admirer of wall building, he even made it a central theme to his campaign to become President and feels Swansea would be a lot stronger if it builds a wall segregating Neath Port Talbot from the city altogether.

Trump said: “You know, I look at the great city of Swansea and can’t help but feel that people from Neath and Port Talbot have free access to their city.

“I worry that people from Neath will be laid out on the beaches of the Gower, impacting its status as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about how people from Port Talbot steal jobs from Swansea residents in Admiral.  Something has to be done.

“Donald Trump is calling for a complete ban, on people from Neath Port Talbot entering Swansea.”

Trump’s concept has received mixed reviews from people on both sides of the border.  Although residents of Gower have gone further and have suggested building a wall around SA3, so they can bask in their middle class bubble and never have to find ways to talk to people about things like Argos.

A spokesperson from Downing Street told us: “The Donald keeps sticking is beak into all sorts of things at the moment.

“I can categorically confirm that we will not fund a wall on the Swansea/Neath Port Talbot border.  In fact, we won’t fund anything over there unless they want to come and move to London.”