Following the announcement of the reductions of charges to enter South Wales via the Severn Bridge, we can exclusively reveal there are further, innovative deals to attract people across the border. 

From 2018 prices will reduce by more than half the price, which is set to eliminate immigrant cars being smuggled in the back of lorries to avoid paying multiple toll charges. 

Further offers will include 2-4-1 Tuesdays, encouraging families who hate each other to travel in separate cars to visit Merthyr. As well as free entry for women before 10pm on weekends. 

Head of Tourism in Wales Pete Bowen said: “Its very exciting. If you’re a Bristol based family who hate each other, you can travel over in separate cars, see Merthyr and realise your life isn’t all that bad at all. Also, by bringing two cars it’ll give you better options for when one of them is inevitably stolen. 

“We’re also tapping into the lucrative hen do market, especially targeting women who are getting married for the third of fourth time. 

“They’ll usually head to somewhere sunny for the first and second, but after that they can drag their beleaguered hens to the Paradise Club in Neath.”