Donald Trump is rounding off his busy week of signing stuff off by triggering Article 50. 

With Theresa May visiting Friday, Trump has decided to focus on signing executive orders between Monday and Thursday, so he can spend Friday playing golf after packing May and Melania off for a spa day.

Trump said: “Its been a slow start to the new role, no ones dead anyway.

“I usually have 20 minutes to kill over breakfast, so I thought I’d book the ladies in for some pampering and take care of the Article 50 thing.

“I think they can be great friends, did I mention my Mother was Scottish? I don’t know why that’s relevant, maybe it’s because they all have funny accents?”

A salivating Michael Gove added: “I think he’s remarkable. I can’t stop dribbling.

“He’s playing golf? Strange, I’ve been messaging him about having a round and taking in a brandy whilst laughing at orphaned immigrant children.” 

photo credit: quapan <a href=”″>Donald Trump obviously replaced Jacquelyne Kennedy’s RESOLUTE DESK from the Oval Office a few days ago by a walloping …. (25th Jan 2017)</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;