A man from Swansea still calls people ‘gay’ when insulting them, like it’s 19-fucking-50 or something.

Pete Bowen, 38, loves banter with the lads nearly as much as he loves wearing his staple ensemble of bootcut jeans and crocodile skin loafers on a night out.

Along with the missing fashion memo, Pete doesn’t understand that there’s nothing wrong with being homosexual and that calling someone gay is about as insulting as insulting someone for breathing.

Pete said: “Beer. Proper stuff like Carling, none of that bent IPA shit.

“Anyway, we were playing some pool in front of some birds who’d clearly come over to watch us. One of the boys spilt his pint all over the pool table, I told him ‘you fucking gay’!

“We all had a laugh and I grabbed one of the girls’ handbags and chucked it over his shoulder before waving a floppy hand in front of his face and calling him a bender. Fucking hilarious! And the birds loved it too.”

Theresa Connell said: “There was nowhere to sit and we ended up by the pool tables. It was fine until this twat made homophobic remarks to someone who had merely spilt a drink.

“He even stole my bag to use as some form of prop. I mean, do people really think calling someone gay is an insult? Especially when you yourself are a monumental prick.”

Pete’s friend Joe Glover said: “Pete called me gay about ten times that night, I only spilt a drink.

“It was a long night which culminated in him telling me he loved me at 10pm before caressing my bollocks and putting his tongue in my ear.

“That was pretty gay.”

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