A family of seagulls are excitedly planning their visits to the new restaurants in Mumbles’ Oyster Wharf development this summer.

With an array of cuisines on offer and substantial outdoor seating areas, the development is perfectly placed for a military style coup by the family. 

Gull Pete Bowen said: “The development looks great, I’m going to stand tall and squawk loudly on the terrace of the The Bras, at that point the venue will be mine. They do great chips. 

“My wife is going to take her position on top of Croeso Lounge, she enjoys ‘tapas’ but that’s all a bit too ethnic for my taste. Our son will be responsible for taking over the new French restaurant, although I’m concerned seagull is a French delicacy.”

Bowen added: “We enjoy intimidating people with our massive bodies and tiny heads. We see you, humans you’re shit scared of us.

“The only reason we let you live is that you never finish your food and seagulls can’t cook. Make no mistake about it, we’ll be running Oyster Wharf this summer.”

Wasp Theresa Connell added: “We’ll be there too. You can swipe at us all you like, but the minute your backs are turned, I’ll be in your drink and ruining your evening.”