A Swansea anti-immigration group known as ‘British Jobs for us’ or ‘BJs4Us’, is to hold its next meeting to discuss the disgraceful number of immigrant workers who steal all our jobs in one of the curry houses on St Helen’s Road next Wednesday.

The group regularly meets up to discuss threats to British values like the Halalification of Bisto and how immigrants are flooding the country by being smuggled in disguised as human beings.

Group coordinator Pete Bowen said: “Immigrant workers are the biggest threat to society in our opinion.  Although we finally have level headed politicians poised to put that right, like Paul Nuttall, who I understand has been to the moon in a Ford Fiesta.

“I saw an advert the other day for a German speaking interpreter, what chance have I got if I want to apply for that?  Apparently my GCSE ‘D’ Grade in French ‘isn’t the level we’re looking for’.  Immigrants mate, it’s a joke.

“At BJs4Us we’re completely anti-immigration; we don’t even want the Irish here.  We meet up every month to discuss our hatred of all things brown and talk about Jesus a lot, even though none of us has read the bible, but you know we’re a Christian country.

“In keeping with British values we’re off for an Indian this week, there are some fantastic restaurants on St Helen’s Road and the staff are lovely.  I’ve known some of them for years and we’ve become good friends.

“So far on the agenda I have ‘Love Thy Neighbour’, Sunday Dinners, Walkers crisps and drinking tea.”

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