Two women who live in the affluent Caswell area of Swansea, spent an awkward three hours in Aldi hiding from each other as neither of them wanted the other to know they shopped there.

The two women have historically spent hours waxing lyrical about the delights of Cashmere toilet roll and eating edible flowers, firmly positioning them among the grocery elite.

Theresa Connell said: “When I saw Cheryl I was mortified. Coming here is quite the operation, I usually swap cars at Blackpill to make sure I’m not tailed.

“Don’t get me wrong, I quite like the quirky customers and oddly branded foreign products, but I’d be a social outcast if I admitted that in our dinner parties.

“We’re just waiting for approval on our 25th credit card, then we’ll be back on our feet.”

Theresa’s friend Cheryl Gray said: “I had to hide behind a brash display of German branded smiley face mini pancake makers.

“I was nearly found out when my sister in law from Townhill saw me and called my name, she was head to toe in Primark. It was very stressful.

“I talk the talk with friends, but who can afford to buy ostrich eggs and Heston Blumenthal pork pies in this day and age?

“I’m skating on thin ice, I managed to get my group of friends to believe we went skiing last half term, but we really went to Centre Parks. I told them my Frankie’s impetigo was an allergic reaction to snow lobster and I’m pretty sure they bought it.”

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