The discovery of the Trappist-1 system has sparked fresh immigration concerns within UKIP, applying pressure on Theresa May to call some sort of referendum.

UKIP have confirmed that the Conservatives are already in talks with leaders of the newly discovered planets over free movement between the planets, having drawn up plans to move away from globalisation into galaxylisation.

Paul Nuttall said: “There’s just not enough room on our planet to take any of these aliens. I’m not against controlled alienation, but I’m as concerned as ever about illegal aliens.

“What chance to hard working British people have of reclaiming the strawberry picking jobs in East Anglia, when the Tories are opening the floodgates and allowing new life forms in?

“I’ve already heard that the aliens from these new planets have attempted to take over the Moon and it’s up to UKIP to prevent this from happening to Earth. Which is why I need to be elected as MP for Stoke.”

A representative from the new planet system said: “Earth? Britain? Don’t make me laugh. We have no religion here and we still show Bullseye on television.

“Plus, what the fuck is a Boris Johnson?” 

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