A local man has helped his Australian based friend Rob by sharing a Facebook post about Rob’s missing dog to his 128 South Wales based friends.

Pete Bowen from Manselton was gravely concerned by the news his friends spaniel had gone missing, and was only too happy to play a vital role in assisting the search.

Pete said: “I think I met Rob briefly 8 years ago when he was seeing a girl I fancied from the Hafod.

“I saw his Facebook post about his dog going missing in Sydney and I knew from creeping through his profile that he really loved her. I think she’s called Millie or Mollie. Actually it could be Martha?

“Rob hadn’t had much of a response from his post appealing for information, so I carried out my civic duty and hit the share button to my friends.

“No ones replied, yet, but I like to think I’ve gone some way to help resolve the mystery. I share lots of important things which people really appreciate, like pictures of what I’d look like as a woman and posts from Britain First.

“All I ask is that people be vigilant, especially in Penlan, and help to return Misha to Rob.”

Rob added: “I’d be pretty surprised if my dog Scout turned up in Swansea, but I appreciate the share. Although I’m not sure I know who Pete is.”