Schools across Swansea have issued letters to parents to remind them that Frozen isn’t a book and dressing your child as Elsa or some unicorn is completely irrelevant to World Book Day.

The letter caused widespread panic in the city, with many parents now wondering what they can dress their children up as.

Education Department spokesperson Theresa Connell said: “An astonishing number of children were dressed as Elsa last year, which goes some way to explaining why our Pisa results are so terrible.

“There’s so many options, Disney is utter crap in literary terms. Those Elsa costumes give our Health and Safety Manager nightmares too, they explode like an 80s shell suit.

“Your children could have a red nose painted on and come as Swansea’s own Dylan Thomas.

“Or the Gruffalo.”

Parent Pete Bowen said: “The reason my daughter has a head in the shape of a shovel is because she’s been laid flat watching Disney DVDs since she was born.

“Who wants to dress up as a book? Not my daughter. She wears flammable princess dresses all the time, she’s my princess and she loves being a princess because she’s a little girl, so by default she can only dress up as a princess. And sometimes a unicorn.

“The Council should let it go.”