A woman from Mumbles has been spotted on Newton Road not wearing Joules, Fat Face or Seasalt branded clothing like all the others.

Mum-of-two Theresa Connell appeared almost nonchalant as she paraded past a busy Jones Bar wearing what looked like a combination of alternative and fashionable branded clothing and accessories.

Theresa said: “I kind of fell into the horrible Joules or Fat Face coats and wellies thing because all the other Mums up the school were wearing them.

“I looked at myself in the mirror one day as I zipped up the generic coat everyone has and I just wondered why I looked so nautical and unoriginal.

“I really didn’t think there’d be an issue wearing clothes that weren’t navy and white or mustard coloured and that didn’t have an anchor or ghastly pink flowers on them. How wrong was I?”

Generic Cheryl Gray said: “I didn’t know what to make of her. At first I thought she looked quirky, but after consulting the PTA I realised her outlandish look of nice jeans and cool jacket didn’t belong in my clique.

“We’re not all about Joules, Seasalt and Fat Face. We’d have been OK with her wearing some John Lewis or White Stuff, or even expensive workout gear despite not actually doing any exercise.

“We’re Mumbles ladies and frankly she looked like she belonged in the Uplands.”

Theresa added: “I’ve been completely ostracised. Some women have even stopped their husbands from speaking to me in case I influence them into buying cheaper and more stylish clothes for them.

“Sometimes I put a parka on and wander around the house thinking about the good old days of judgement free fashion, with fashion being the operative word.

“Sometimes I feel like sharing that internet shopping for stylish clothes is a real thing but then I remember that it’s better to be unique.”