Town Mayor John Warman has signed an executive order banning US President Donald Trump from entering Neath.

After the controversy surrounding teacher Juhel Miah who’s also known as ‘Sir’ and a genuinely nice bloke being refused entry into the US, the Mayor has taken steps to retaliate against total bastard Trump and prevent him from enjoying the delights of Neath Fair or visiting the Gnoll.

Warman said: “We’re still not sure if Mr Miah was banned from entering the US because he’s Muslim or because he has links to Neath.  Either way I think Mr Trump will be sorry now.

“We had a meeting and there were two ways to deal with Trump.  Ban him from coming here or slug it out behind The Big Cam pub on Windsor Road, let’s just say his advisors didn’t think the latter was ‘viable’.  Minge.

“I say to Mr Trump, good luck finding something else to do on your summer holidays, because you won’t be welcome at the Neath Indoor Market.  Also, stop being such a hateful dick.”

The ban on Trump also has a clause which bans other Trump apologist wankers from the area, notably Piers Morgan, Hulk Hogan and Spongebob.


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