A baby has been accused of having a snobby superiority complex just because she wears designer onesies, it has emerged.

6-month old Summer-Mae Connell from Mayals has been refusing to engage with other babies in Baby Sensory class, based on the brand of clothing they wear.

Summer-Mae’s Mummy Theresa said: “Summer-Mae will be breastfed until she’s at least four. She’s got such a big personality and she only likes to play with wooden toys.

“She simply demands to wear designer clothing, she’s only 24 weeks old and already knows what she wants to wear, which largely consists of sickly pink froufrou designer wear from a shop Kate Middleton shops in. She’s such a madam!”

Other Mum Cheryl Gray said: “Precocious little shit.

“My son was wearing some clothes from George at ASDA and he tried to share a plastic ball with her the other day. She bit him and turned her back on him.

“The Mother seemed to think she was ‘playing creatively’ and told me she doesn’t believe in saying no to her. I nearly knocked her out.”

Summer-Mae added: “The only ‘George’ I’m interested in lives in a big fuck off palace and has loads of money.

“I tell you what though, you haven’t lived until you’ve shat yourself all over clothes that nobody else can afford.” 

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