A Hafod family man is terrified that a Facebook group which has photographs of clubbers in the old Escape nightclub on Northampton Lane in the early 2000s, will include images of him.

Pete Bowen, 34, spent most of his weekends ‘right off it’ in Escape between 2000 and 2004, but has since settled down with a safe middle management job and nice family.

Bowen said: “The great thing about Escape back in the day is that there was no social media, so I got myself into all sorts of states. I was in work today and a notification flashed up on my phone saying I’d been added to a group with loads of pictures from when I used to go there.

“My mind is running all over the place, I know I did some terrible things but I can’t remember what. How can I give my children credible advice about being responsible if there’s pictures of me gurning on the steps of Escape, trying to light a back to front cigarette with a Nokia 8310?

“This is just terrible, my parents and even my Nan are on Facebook, what if they see it? I need to get home from work and work out how I’m going to get the images removed.”

Pete’s Nan Iris said: “We all know what Pete used to get up to, does he think we’re stupid? You should’ve seen him trying to eat his Sunday dinner after a night in Escape.”