Headline credit Rich Griffiths

A couple from Swansea are spending more time than they want to convincing friends, insurance companies and themselves that their new home is in Cockett and not Townhill.

Pete Bowen and Theresa Connell bought the Gors Avenue property after falling in love with the estate agency listing, which promised it was ‘well positioned to enjoy everything that Cockett has to offer’.

Office worker Pete said: “I told my friend at work we’d finally bought a house, when I said where he said ‘Townhill?  Nice.’  That’s when it all started.

“I managed to get a decent price on car insurance when I confirmed the new place was in Cockett, but when they ran a postcode validation I was quoted an extra £200 a year.  The same thing kept happening with all of the other insurers, so they’ve all clearly made a massive error with their data purchasing.”

Theresa added: “We had some congratulatory cards in the post where stupid friends and family had written Townhill on the envelope.  I refused to take them off the Postman and told him he could only deliver mail which had the correct Cockett address on it; I haven’t seen him for two weeks.

“I invited some old Uni friends down for a housewarming party but their sat-nav was saying ‘Townhill’ when they typed the postcode in, I confirmed the sat-nav was incorrect.  They claimed they drove around every road in Cockett then ended up at a Townhill address with Pete’s car parked outside, but they were obviously in the wrong place so they just went home.”

Estate Agent Cheryl Gray added: “I can confirm that if you look out of the windows at the back of the house, you can see Cockett.”

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