A Mount Pleasant man reckons he’s never lost an argument because of his well thought out and intelligent counter-argument of calling the person he’s arguing with ‘snowflake’.

Pete Bowen, 42, enjoys winding ‘leftards’ and ‘Remoaners’ up on internet message boards in between angry masturbation and running errands for his Mum.

Bowen said: “These loony lefties make me laugh, they’re a risk to our national security.  They’re always making shit up about the ‘environment’ and claiming we need to look after people from war torn countries.  What about me?  No one looks after me and I nearly applied to join the army once.

“I’ve decided that anyone with liberal values can go and have a wash, because if you’re leftie scum you clearly never take a shower.  You can’t talk to me about your left wing ideologies, we live in a democracy and free speech is only relevant if I agree with it.

“The other week the Evening Post posted on Facebook about a mosque opening ‘their’ doors to educate people about Islam. First of all, our country, our doors.  Secondly, a woman actually took her kids there, so I congratulated her on breeding terrorists and the argument kicked off from there.

“It went on for a bit, she was quoting some factual stuff, so I hit her with my kryptonite; I said ‘you lost the Brexit vote get over it.  Snowflake.’  She reckoned mosques had nothing to do with the Brexit vote, but that’s because she was a dumb hippy, I could tell I had her rattled.

“She responded with a couple of other bits, but it was embarrassing for her at that point, so I just kept replying with ‘wake up, snowflake’ until she crawled away, probably crying because I’d defeated her with such an intelligent argument.”


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