A family who are spending a long weekend together are desperately trying to humour their racist Bampi because he’s ‘from a different time‘.

89 year old Jack Bowen joined the rest of his family for a nice weekend celebrating his daughter-in-law’s 50th in Tenby this weekend, but his sharp tongue has caused offence amongst the group. 

Jack’s son Pete said: “We were sort of hoping Dad wouldn’t make it this weekend, one way or another.

“He has a habit of coming out with unacceptably racist comments, like he has some sort of BNP Tourette’s. We were all having a bite to eat last night and someone commented how dark it was. He said: “Darks? Down here? Crime will be on the up then.”

“It’s completely inappropriate but everyone’s ignoring it because of his age. I bite my tongue because I’m sure there’s no real malice involved, we just have to accept things like that were the norm in his day. 

“It’s the last night tonight and we’re drawing straws over who’s going to tell him we’re having a Chinese takeaway.”

Jack said: “To be honest I only say these terrible things to stop them inviting me to these fucking family trips, but here I am again. 

“I don’t dislike anyone of different race, religion or gender, I even fought in a war to stop it from happening. I just hate spending time with my family. And diabetes.”


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