A Treboeth man is using Facebook’s ‘recommendations’ feature to try and find a well rated sexual partner.

Pete Bowen, 24, came up with the idea after noticing Facebook friends looking for recommendations for plumbers, mechanics and other services in the area.

Bowen said: “Facebook recommendations is all about finding something reliable, so why not put something out there and find a good rub? My mate found a great carpenter by using the recommendations feature, so it does work.

“You don’t buy a car without reading up about it in Which magazine or something, its common sense.”

Pete’s Mum Helen added: “I’m quite proud of him, using his initiative like that. Beats being all sleazy about it, nothing pleases you more as a parent knowing you’ve raised a respectful child.”

The request from Pete has caused quite a stir across the city, with men and women eagerly refreshing Pete’s page to see if they’ve been recommended as good in bed.

Theresa Connell from Llangyfelach said: “Waiting to see if I’ve been reviewed is how I imagine Oscar nominees must feel while they’re waiting for the winner to be announced.

“There’s quite a lot of pressure though. Whoever sleeps with that guy is going to have to be completely coherent, because you know he’s going to rate you after. I just can’t imagine sober sex. A physical and emotional connection? No thanks.”

Pete added: “It sounds a better idea than it is in practice. I ended up being badly rated myself, so I’m in a worse position than I was before.”