A Sketty woman has made the life changing decision to start a mummy blog so is planning to have one of those baby things.

Theresa Connell, 27, has aspirational plans of making a fortune out of blogging where she will rake in free goods and sign book deals.

Theresa said: “I’m slogging my guts out as a Support Worker for a mental health charity when I should be doing something meaningful like blogging about how my baby shits everywhere.

“Have you seen all the free stuff they get? All for writing about how they want to shake their child and drink wine, I could do that.

“I’ll probably add a ‘lifestyle’ element to my blog too, where I’ll copy and paste articles about the health benefits of avocado and coconut oil. I’m not remotely qualified, but people can’t get enough of it.

“I knocked up my first blog entry up the other day about how bath time is my favourite time of day because I can leave the baby upstairs in the bath while I drink a bottle of wine downstairs. The only missing ingredient is a baby, which I’ll probably call Sophia Chelsea-Rae-Mae something or other.”


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