A retired Postman has brazenly claimed to have been bitten on the testicles by hero dog Swansea Jack.

96 year old Pete Bowen made the claim while giving a talk in his Great Granddaughter’s nursery class about Swansea history.

When asked about the dog during the school visit, Pete told the class: “Do I remember Swansea Jack? Of course I do, he bit me right on the bollocks when I was working as a Postman in ’37.

“At that time he didn’t have the reputation he has now. He was an arrogant little sh*t and when I first encountered him he’d already won some medal for saving lives. It had all gone to his head.

“He used to come at me every day, trying to push me into the dock so he could ‘save me’. It was a numbers game for him, he was looking to consolidate his hero status by pushing people into the dock and then fish them out. He’d even call the papers so the photographer would be there to capture it.

Bowen continued: “One day I dropped my guard and he started chewing on my ball sack. I was upset, not just at having my coin purse mauled, but because I also had to pay for a replacement uniform out of my wages.

“I wasn’t thinking straight, so I ended up giving him rat poison and which resulted in a slow, painful death.”

Pete’s Great Granddaughter Maisie said: “It was lovely having him at school because he tells the best stories and we all learnt some new words, although my teacher doesn’t think he should come back.”