Paul Nuttall has confirmed UKIP’s next post-Brexit manifesto will focus on a number of new and important subjects, including forcing Heinz to re-introduce their Baked Bean pizza and the BBC giving Chucklevision a prime time Saturday night slot.

After an honest hard fought campaign regarding Brexit, the party is keen to rid itself of any ‘one trick pony’ reputation and will be continuing to fight the good fight for the British public.

Nuttall said: “When Heinz invented the pizza, they had no idea there’d be Italians and all sorts of different people changing their formula. To think beans on pizzas don’t exist anymore is staggering and a direct impact of mass immigration.

“Our plan will see Heinz taking over pizza delivery shops all across the country and giving the people what they want, third degree burns on their tongues from piping hot beans.

“The left wing propaganda machine that is the BBC is currently showing shows that include what it would’ve been like if the Germans had won the war, where is Barry Chuckle while all this is going on? Panto in Bognor Regis, the country has gone mad.

“Once again UKIP are the only party who’ll be giving you the control over these vital issues and we won’t rest until I’m forced to resign in around 3 months.”