ISIS has claimed they were behind the removal and unceremonious dumping onto the promenade of the slip bridge on Oystermouth Road.

The terror group, who are busy claiming everything at the moment, confirmed via some Twitter account that the atrocity, which triggered numerous Facebook pages to be set up, was all their doing and they want some credit.

The statement said: “The removal of the slip bridge was the sole work of Islamic State, executed by a group of soldiers with a penchant for pelican crossings. We feel the impact of the bridge removal has had the desired effect and we take great pleasure reading all about people’s overly nostalgic comments about that lump of unsafe metal that no one ever used, which once had some train running alongside it.”

‘Friends of the Slip Bridge’ Facebook page Admin Pete Bowen said: “We always thought the terrorist group going by the name of ‘Swansea Council’ was behind the slip bridge removal.

“A lot of us have made it our life’s work getting the bridge put back up and remain suitably outraged by the fact it hasn’t been restored to its former glory.

“I’m a member of a number of bridge influenced Facebook groups. One of them is called ‘Fond memories of Swansea Slip Bridge’, which is funny because the only memories I have involve wondering if I was going to die when I crossed and chucking apples from it at City Minis.

“We’ll stand firm against ISIS on this, we won’t let them change us. It certainly hasn’t stopped me masturbating over pictures of the slip bridge and this announcement just means I’ll now send passive-aggressive emails to ISIS instead of the council.”

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