On this historic day when the unelected Tory Prime Minister signs off the letter she didn’t want to sign to formally resign from the EU, we’ve taken to the streets of Swansea to gauge reactions from the people that matter – Quadrant shoppers.

Theresa May has told the United Kingdom that ‘now is the time to come together’, just in time for the Scottish Parliament to vote in favour of a vote to leave the union and the news that Northern Ireland can now bugger off as well, if they choose.

So what do you think?

We caught up first with Pete, 38, from Morriston while he was on his way out from Wilko, Pete said: “I’m buzzing; it’s going to be raining cash! I don’t really understand what ‘rising inflation’ is, but if it’s going up it has to be good, right?”

Theresa, 51, from Manselton is a Nurse in Singleton Hospital and was sat outside the Quadrant smoking and taking a Kalms tablet, she said: “The NHS is so underfunded its killing us, I’m so stressed out I struck my husband last night because he forgot to buy me cider. Fortunately, with £50m a day now coming into the health service we’ll all have an easier life? I have every faith that Westminster will send Welsh Government’s share of the £50m every day via BACS.”

42 year old Mary from Langland said: “I’m a little annoyed; I had a new Dyson hoover for Mother’s Day and Sir James Dyson has since announced more investment and optimism, which means better Dyson’s. It’s my birthday in June though, so I’m expecting a new one then which I’m sure will clean and also listen to me neurotically pontificating about the affair I think my husband’s having.”

25 year old Mike from Townhill said: “I’ve been working as a construction worker on the new bus and train stations recently after completing my Apprenticeship; I’m off today though so running a few errands before I meet my mates up the Phoenix Centre. I don’t see how the EU has invested anything in Wales to be honest, I certainly haven’t gained from them, and so we’re better off out of there. Also, I’m not racist but leaving the EU will definitely stop the immigrants from Asia and Africa coming here to work and study, which can only be a good thing.”

Kelly, 34, from St Thomas who was on her way to the Waterfront Museum with her children said: “Look at everything we’ve managed to do in the city, with no Europeans. The new Bay Campus looks amazing, things are on the up. There’s a lot of scare mongering going on, I heard a politician saying Britain is booming the other day, so because things are booming in the immediate aftermath of voting to leave, it just means it’ll be like this forever so I don’t get what the remoaners are on about.”

Finally we spoke with Ken from Gorseinon who said: “It’s going to be just like the 60s and 70s again now, thank fuck young people can’t be arsed to vote and leave it up to us pensioners to make their decisions for them. Jobs for everyone, final salary lump sum pensions, white faces, affordable housing that you make loads of money on and the ability to leave your front doors open again. There’s nothing better than living in the past, makes me feel sad that I’ll be dead to see the final impact of it all.”

photo credit: The Prime Minister’s Office <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/49707497@N06/33428308681″>PM signs Swansea Bay City Region deal</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/”>(license)</a&gt;