A Birchgrove couple have stunned everyone by agreeing in record time what they’re going to have for dinner.

Pete Bowen and girlfriend Theresa Connell spend hours wondering what to eat on a daily basis and inflict agonisingly long WhatsApp exchanges on each other in the process.

Pete said: “It was coming up to 3pm and that’s the worst part of the day, it’s when I’m forced to no longer ignore the inevitable and engage Theresa in ‘dinner talk’. It’s painful because it’s the same fucking conversation every day.

“I’ll normally message her asking what she wants, she copies and pastes the reply of ‘dunno babe, what you fancy’ and there begins the 3 hour tortuous conversation about what will eventually be some disappointing meal, where we can’t even look at each other because of the pain it’s caused our relationship.

Theresa said: “It is horrendous; I dread 3pm because there’s no avoiding it, we have to eat something but nobody knows what. By the time Pete reaches Tesco I feel like telling him to move back in with his Mother for being such a twat about it all.

“I don’t know what happened, but we both sort of ‘seized the moment’ at 2:59 and wrote ‘Shepherd’s pie?’ It was the closest I’ve come to an orgasm in months.”

Pete continued: “I was shocked; I had to leave work early. Nobody in the office who’s in a relationship believed me, so I had to email the screen shot to everyone as proof.

“I’m almost excited for the ‘what shall we watch’ conversation at 9pm. Anything could happen.”