A Dad from St Thomas has been ‘sacked’ from participating in serious parenting, we can reveal.

Dad of two Pete Bowen strongly believes in approaching parental advice in an honest manner, which hasn’t gone down well with his wife and Mother in Law.

Pete said: “I try not to sugarcoat things, I speak as I find.

“My 11 year old had a rough day in school yesterday, so I told her that in a few years or so she’ll be able to kick back and have a spliff to relax after a hard day. It’s a donkey/carrot strategy, give the girl something to look forward to.

“I don’t really see what the issue is?”

Pete’s wife Theresa added: “You can’t tell an 11 year old ‘it’s OK, you can turn to drugs in a few years’. I mean, she probably will turn to drugs because everything is fucked, but that’s not the point.

“Our 6 year old son asked Pete to tell him all about marriage the other day.

“Pete told him he should ‘marry an ugly bird because they try harder’, I don’t think that’s what he wanted to hear from his Dad. Plus, what does that say about me?”

Pete added: “I should listen to my own advice really, she doesn’t try hard at all.”

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