Bay TV is adding something new to its programming by launching a Coronation Street style soap based on Aberdyberthi Street in the Hafod, we can reveal. 

The soap is due to mirror many of the features of its Mancunian counterpart, with Aberdyberthi Street well positioned to offer the same amenities that Coronation Street has.

Creator Pete Bowen said: “Its good old fashioned plagiarism in many respects and we’re stealing a lot of stuff, which is quite apt really.

“The theme tune will be the Corrie music, only we’re bringing in Shaheen from Britain’s Got Talent to sing Aaaa-berdyberthi Street on loop and in tune to the music.

“We’ve got the Villiers or the Hafod Bin which will act as replica Rovers Returns. Mama’s Pizza will be Dev’s kebab shop and we’re bringing in some EastEnders’ influence too, as there’s a Bridge Street, a launderette and some unconvincing gangsters.

“We don’t have an underwear factory as such, but Clive in number 12 likes to sniff knickers so we’re going to run with it and see where it goes.”

Resident Theresa Connell said: “Its a great idea, some of us can knock out arson, drugs and violence related storylines before lunch.

“I’ve already started an affair with Seedy Sid in number 4, he’s my creepy Ken Barlow.”

Bowen added: “We’re piecing together a gripping story based on Free Deidre Rachid from the late 90s.

“There were numerous cases to look at, but we decided on Kayleigh’s story where she was done for selling legal highs to school children. After all, how can you do time for selling something legal?”