Children in Swansea schools have launched a campaign to stop their parents from being such horrible twats to each other, it has emerged.

The ‘Grow up, we have’ campaign is set to address the behaviours of some parents which schools are desperately trying to stop the children from adopting, so that the children don’t go on to become bullies and/or terrible people.

8 year old Millie Gray said: “I’ve suddenly realised the reason why I’m so selective about who I talk to is because my Mum’s a right bitch.

“When she drops me off in the morning she joins a group of her friends in the corner of the playground and spends the whole time whispering and scowling at other parents, like Joshua’s Mum. Because of this I haven’t even spoken to Joshua since nursery, turns out he’s actually alright.”

6 year old Frankie Connell added: “When we sit down for food all my parents do is sit there and slag off other parents, they’re so judgemental. They’ve told me not to play with certain children because of the employment or relationship status of the parents.

“They’re always talking about what parent was speaking to whom in the playground and questioning parenting styles, all while I’m sat there. How am I supposed to be a nice person when I hear that all the time?”

Mum Theresa Connell said: “It’s ridiculous to suggest parents’ behaviour rub off on their kids, it sounds like something that horse faced bitch Susan up the school would say. Did you know her husband doesn’t even have a permanent contract in work?

“If the parents’ are different to me and my expectations then how can I possibly engage with them? I just want to talk about everything I with I was with other aspirational parents and have my kids mix with theirs. I’m doing Frankie a favour.”

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