Big tough men’s men across Swansea are being feminised by using cute emojis, a study has concluded.

The study, conducted by Swansea University, found that men across the city have adopted emoji as a language and the ‘see you up the fucking pub you minge’ text messages of the noughties are virtually obsolete.

Professor Cheryl Gray said: “This was a fascinating insight into the falling levels of masculinity in men.

“We observed the messages over a six month period and found that men were beginning to converse fully in ’emoji’, holding full conversations with each other and planning social events.”

Subject Pete Bowen from Penlan said: “Emoji is cracking and a much easier language to learn than, I don’t know, English.

“Me and the boys plot whole nights around it, we even have codes for stuff so our birds don’t know what we’re getting up to. Like, if one of the boys fancies doing a few pills we put the sad face up, because it looks like a gurn.

“If we’re getting ready to go up the Penlan Club, we send each other the emoji of a woman painting her nails. We sign all of our messages off to each other with the one with a winking emoji blowing a kiss. It’s cute mun.”

Pete’s girlfriend Theresa said: “I try and speak to Pete now and he just send me a WhatsApp full of emojis as a reply. Admittedly some of them are nicer than when he just used to tell me to ‘shut the fuck up’ all the time.

“Although he didn’t give me a Valentines this year, he sent an emoji with a heart, a kiss, an eggplant, a fist and droplets of water. Whatever that means.” 

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