A Mount Pleasant woman has booked in a last minute spray tan so she doesn’t look pale while sunbathing down Caswell beach later today.

26 year old Cheryl Gray made arrangements with her friends last night to take a trip to Caswell to make the most of the sun and get some colour on their skin.

Cheryl said: “Me and the girls were in the toilets in Pitcher and one of the girls checked the weather. She said it was scorching, or at least not raining, so we decided we’d hit the beach.

“I love tanning and the sun is like a big free sun bed, but completely free from health risks.

“I was thinking about all the cool Instagram pics I could put up, like heavily filtered images of cans of Strongbow Dark Fruit, then I thought ‘Oh my God like, I look like Casper’.

“It’s common sense really, you have to get a tan to look tanned while you tan.

“Now I can post pictures of my legs looking all brown with the sea in the background and something like #beachlife written underneath it. 

“I can’t wait to add all my pictures in my ‘Summer 2017 so far #makingmemories’ album on social media.”