A family from Warrington who are enjoying a Bank Holiday break in Swansea spent a whole day trying to find Hotel Gwesty, it has emerged.

The Gray family are enjoying a break renting a fisherman’s cottage in Mumbles and have observed road signs all across the city with arrows pointing to ‘Hotel Gwesty’, so decided to take some time to find where it is.

Dad Rob said: “We’ve seen signs all over the city for this Hotel Gwesty place, so we had to check it out. Turns out it’s very hard to find; we’re guessing it’s some sort of weird Welsh mystery.

Mum Cheryl added: “We woke up early and very excited. We started out on the Mumbles Road and saw a sign near a place called Norton but we ended up getting lost.

“Next thing you know we’re down the Gower, there were Hotel Gwesty signs pointing left and right, it was very confusing and we were just driving around in circles. We saw lots of hotels, but the Gwesty alluded us.

“It must be a magical place and I imagine the pie and chips are amazing.”

Rob continued: “We got back to the cottage, defeated, at 11pm. What a day. We leave tomorrow, so we’ll have to come back next summer so we can hunt down this Hotel Gwesty place next year.

“That’s how they get you, the crafty Welsh bastards.”