A man from Bishopston who has wealthy parents who pay for everything, is trying to dish out advice to people who have to work for their money.

Pete Bowen, 31, recently moved into a massive house which has been completely renovated, despite not doing nearly enough work to earn the kind of money you’d need for a project of that size.

Friend Rob Gray said: “I spent years of my life, accumulating massive debt in education trying to better myself. I’ve found a great job, but I’m working 60 hour weeks, spending no money whatsoever and I can’t afford anything.

“Pete’s on his third property, all of which have been gutted and renovated to the highest standard. He has a beautiful girlfriend and fantastic car but he does nothing with his days. He just has some token Directorships in companies his parents or their friends own.

“He overheard a conversation I was having with a friend in a similar situation about how stressed I was in work and how I felt I’d never be able to buy a house where I wanted so he pitched in with some dubious advice.”

Pete said: “Just finished a property, I’ll probably move again next year though because I’m living in an area of Langland which would see my children go to Bishop Gore and not Bishopston. I know when I get bored of whatever Smeg fridge I have, it’s time to move on to a new project.

“I don’t really understand what Rob’s issue is, just go and buy a house and spend an uncontrolled amount of money on it. The money always turns up from somewhere.

“I told him how I combat stress, I take my dog for long walks during the working day when there’s no one around, or take the Merc out for a spin down Gower between 11am and 2pm, it’s a peaceful time of day.

“He was moaning about being overlooked for a promotion, I told him to show some initiative and do what I do, print some new business cards with a new job title you made up on them.

“You get nowhere in life standing still, hopefully he’ll be as successful as me soon so we can spend more time together on Tuesday lunchtimes which are always really boring.”


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