The parents of a 3 year old in the city have conceded that their child is terrible at hide and seek, despite playing it all the f**king time. 

Cheryl and Rob Gray from Brynmill are ‘at their wits end’ with daughter Millie’s continuous requests to the play the game and are considering counselling to support them overcome the trauma.

Cheryl said: “At first her total ineptitude was quite cute, but now when she asks to play hide and seek I lie and tell her a relative is dead just to get out of it.

“I would murder someone to avoid playing this game with Millie. Really I would.”

Rob added: “Who fucking hides under a cushion which barely covers your legs? More than once might I add, I literally find her, tell her she’s shite and then she climbs under it again.

“We have no idea what kind of future she’s going to have now. She’s going to be one of those girls frolicking with Nigel Farage and selling her story isn’t she? Oh God.”

Cheryl continued: “You’re meant to get better with practice, not stay shit. My patience is getting no better either.

“I do my best to remain positive, I take Kalms and I’ve started smoking weed again. So I’m doing my bit.

“We’ve spent hundreds on new toys for her, but hide and seek is her go to guy. It’s like she knows.”

Millie said: “This is for dressing me in sickly pink dresses and feeding me mashed up avocado you bastards.

“Next up is snap, I’m going to make you play it all the time and I’m just going to keep saying ‘snap’ every time someone turns their card over.”


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