South Wales Police are piloting an initiative to ‘brand’ people who indulge in deviant behaviour, by making them wear glasses with transition lenses.

The overall objective of the scheme is to make the public aware of people who are a bit creepy, by making them look creepy.

DI Pete Bowen said: “Its a simple and cost effective way for people to assess who you should be allowing to leer at you when you’re in a bikini or Speedos.

“I suspect most sex offenders wear them anyway, so the set up costs are likely to be pretty low. Realistically, transition lenses which tint into a colour that resemble a 1970s whisky glass can only really serve one purpose, looking creepy.

“I’m sure some glasses wearers genuinely wear them because they think they’re normal, not because they wear long coats with nothing on underneath or vote UKIP. We’re hoping these people will use basic common sense and invest in some prescription sunglasses.”

Man in the park on his own Rob Gray said: “Its disappointing, the summer months are the busiest part of the year for me.

“I have a fantastic pair of glasses that make me look blind, I’ve been getting away with murder if I’m honest, but now I have to wear these weird glasses which tint when there’s some daylight. If I was a vampire, these things would be my garlic.

“This initiative won’t just point out to people that I’m a pervert, but I’ll also look like one now.”

photo credit: Neil. Moralee <a href=”″>A flash in the pan</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;