A man’s old teacher has been a right dickhead to him 12 years after he left school, we can reveal. 

28 year old Pete Bowen has been left completely puzzled by the change in personality in his ex-Science teacher who was ‘full of bants’ back in the day.

Bowen said: “Mr Gray was my favourite teacher in school. He was a bit inappropriate on occasions, but he liked to have a laugh with you if he thought you were cool enough.

“He was younger than a lot the other teachers and fancied himself as a bit of a lad, doing bicep curls when invigilating exams, wearing casual clothes, talking about shagging, the usual teacher stuff.

“I went away to uni and lived in London for a while, when I moved back I bumped into him and I was delighted to see him. But he just ended up being a right prick.

“He sauntered past me like I was one of the kids he used to ignore in my year, gave me a nod and fucked off. I was expecting a hug or at the very least an opportunity to tell him I earned more money than him.”

Mr Gray said: “There’s cooler kids that Pete around, he may been alright back in the day but he’s not 15 anymore so he’s past his best.

“I’m not saying teenagers are on my level, after all I’m 42 now. They’re just a bit more impressed by my stories which makes me feel like a big man.

“I’m Head of Year now, so I have to be a bit more responsible. Sure I used to wear casual polo shirts and hoodies, but now I wear a tie over my polo shirt to make sure everyone understands I’m a higher level of authority.

“Now if you don’t mind I have to do important teacher things like bump up my score on Rate my Teacher and enter a Sexiest Teacher of the Year competition. I know, I know what holidays, eh?”


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